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Student of the Month

Attention! Attention! We would like to congratulate these amazing students who have been nominated for our September/October Students of the Month! These students have gone over and beyond the call of duty in the areas of academics and citizenship. They are some of the leaders in our building who make Silver Hills Middle School very proud. As I call off your names, please come to the main office and again, Congratulations!!!


* Maya Hinderliter
* Ellison Ramsey
* Shaylee Johnson
* Dante Federico
* Claire Lellbach
* Pong Lee
* Laura Poe
* Keira Wilkinson
* Billy Griswold
* Madison Mullins
* Kiara Alvarez Rojas
* Hector Avitia Cortez
* Denis Herrera-Duenas
* Leonardo Ramirez
* Aubrie Kendrick
* Sofia Santibanez-Nunez
* Bettie Rains
* Geovanni Sanchez
* Isaac Sotelo
* Indigo Royal
* Greyson Jones
* Trent Le
* Brady Reiman
* Kaiden Farish
* Jack Schoenheider
* Alfredo Cardona De Loera
* Joanna Anchondo Mendoza
* Diego Nava Ortiz
* Ivan Ruiz
* Josef Anderson
* Harmony Case
* Jonathan Cordova
* Janelle Cordova
* Ayahry Mascorro Garcia
* Joseph Martinez-Rosales