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Homework Helpers

Welcome to 7th Grade Homework Helpers! Are you having trouble with some homework or need help with some classwork?
Are you trying to prepare to redo a test and need some guidance for the retake? Are you having a hard time finishing a
project or other work that you need more explanation on.....well, come on down to A107 during 7th grade lunch
and get the help you need from other students in your classes and Mrs. Boyd. The items you need are: a pass from Mrs. Boyd,
your class supplies and your smart brain and we'll work it out! Please see Mrs. Boyd if you need additional assistance after school
and arrange a time with her personally. Homework Helpers is offered one to two days a week after school....make an appointment now!
Hope to see you there! :)

Sponsor - Mrs. Boyd
When - All Year - 7th grade lunch