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Office Hours

Rene BeVier Dill Drama Mrs. BeVier Dill's Webpage Mondays 3:45-4:15  - C211
Stacy Clayback Tech. Ed. Ms. Clayback's Webpage Tuesday 8:00-8:30
Myron Cowell Band/Orchestra Music Department Webpage Thursday 4:00-4:30-15
Olivia Doll ELD Ms. Doll's Webpage Tuesday 8:00-8:30 am
Shea Espinoza PE/Health Mr. Espinoza's Website Tuesday 8-8:30
Julie Jackson Physical Education Ms. Jackson's Website Tuesday 8:00-8:30
Victoria Kargar Spanish   Tuesday 8-8:30
Felicia Katz Creative Writing/Reading Mrs. Katz's Website Tuesday or Thursday 7:50-8:20
Douglas Larson Country & Cultures   Thursday 8-8:30
Jessica McAfee ELD Mrs. McAfee's Website Wednesday 8:00-8:30 am
Phil Miller Pysical Education Mr. Miller's Website Tuesday 8:00-8:30
Lauren Montgomery Choir/Band Music Department Webpage Thursday 4:00-4:30
Linda Richardson Art Mrs. Rich's Website Tuesday 4:00-4:30
Suzette Salazar ELD   Thursday 8:00-8:30 am
Michelle Schneider Computers Ms. Schneider's Website Tuesday 8:00-8:30
Marc Verikas PE/Health Mr. Verikas' Website Tuesday 8:00-8:30

Elective Homework Calendar

ELD Homework Calendar

Electives Classrooms

Mrs. BeVier Dill's Class

Subject: Drama
 Drama is an interactive and collaborative class where you will be encouraged to grow and become a star! dramatic stage.png Mrs. Dill's study sessions and opportunities to make up tests and other assignments...

Ms. Doll's Class

Subject: English Language Development
  Here's my class website!  There are two different pages for my different classes (see the links at top right corner)

Mr. Espinoza's Class

Subject: Physical Education
Hello Silver Hills students and families! I am very excited to be teaching Health and Physical Education for the 19-20 school year and look forward to helping our students improve and grow as individuals. I was born and raised in this beautiful...

Mrs. McAfee's Website

Subject: English Language Development
Welcome to ELD! ELD is English Language Development! We will be working on reading, writing, speaking and listening all year long.  Our goal is to be proficient readers, writers, listeners and speakers of English.  ELD will be during our...