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Welcome to the SHMS Counseling Department 

Counseling supports the development of the whole child by advocating for the academic, social/emotional, career and postsecondary needs and strives to develop life-long learners and productive citizens.

The counseling program in Adams 12 Five Star Schools works collaboratively with parents, community members and educators to empower every child, regardless of individual differences or obstacles, to ensure all students are prepared for meaningful, productive learning through a data-driven comprehensive K-12 school counseling program.  It is our privilege and our passion to support and assist students and their families in ways that promote student achievement, success, and growth and that build and bridge relationships that connect us as a community.

We are so excited to be working with our students and are looking forward to an amazing year at Silver Hills! 

Counseling During the Remote Learning Period

Hello from your Counselors!

We know that these are strange times and we are all adjusting to our SHMS routines during this time of remote learning. All of us counselors wanted to ensure that you know that we are still here for you, even if we aren’t under the same roof at the moment.  Below we have created a few new methods that students and families may utilize to get into contact with us. Know that we are here to help and support however we can!

Request a Meeting

Using the forms below students and parents/guardians may sign up for a time slot for a video counseling session via Google Hangouts or via traditional phone call. Students can discuss any topic for which they would typically sign up to see us (academic, social/emotional, college/career, family, friends, etc.). Students and families are also more than welcome to send an email or call us with any questions/concerns if they’d prefer to not talk via video chat or phone. 
Sara Bloom 7th Grade Counselor Student Request a Meeting  Parent/Guardian Request a Meeting Solicitud del Padre/Tutor para Reunirse con la Consejera
Sarah Myers 8th Grade Counselor Student Request for Meeting Parent/Guardian Request for Meeting Solicitud del Padre/Tutor para Reunirse con la Consejera
Anita McKiernan   6th Grade Counselor Student Request for Meeting Parent/Guardian Request for Meeting Solicitud del Padre/Tutor para Reunirse con la Consejera
Amy Bills Counselor Student Request for Meeting Parent/Guardian Request for Meeting Solicitud del Padre/Tutor para Reunirse con la Consejera

Office Hours 

Our office hours are a structured time during which the counselors will be available for immediate communication. Please reference our contact information below. Outside of these hours we will still make every effort to return parent/guardian/student communication within one business day. You may contact us via phone or email outside of these contact hours, however we will be upholding our 24-hour response time during the school week. 
Sara Bloom 7th Grade Counselor Monday-Friday: 8:30-4:30
Sarah Myers 8th Grade Counselor Monday-Friday: 8:30-4:30
Anita McKiernan 6th Grade Counselor Monday-Friday: 8:30-4:30
Amy Bills Counselor Tuesday-Thursday: 8:30-4:30
**We ask that parents/guardians provide a confidential environment for their student to engage in a safe and private conversation with their counselor (much like we offer them at school). This can be done by asking siblings to give them time alone, staying out of earshot of your student’s meeting, providing them headphones to use, etc. Counselors will maintain confidentiality and privacy on their end as well (outside of a situation involving safety)**

Contact Us Directly

Our SHMS Counseling Team will be accessible via email or through Google Voice. We will also be able to receive voicemails made to our office phones, though will be returning phone calls through our Google Voice numbers. The best time to reach us in this manner would be during our office hours, but we will try to make ourselves available beyond.
Sara Bloom 7th Grade Counselor 720-972-3014 or 970-329-2979
Sarah Myers 8th Grade Counselor 720-972-5010 or 970-329-1044
Anita McKiernan 6th Grade Counselor 720-972-3005
Amy Bills Counselor 970-591-3240
Carolina Osuna School-Based Therapist 720-972-3007 or 720-446-8167

Student Safety 

In the same manner that we do when we are at school, if a member of our mental health team is ever concerned about your student’s safety, we will reach out to a parent/guardian right away. Please be sure to respond to correspondence in a manner as timely as possible to help us support your student’s safety. If a parent does not answer, the mental health personnel will follow district protocol to contact an outside agency (such as law enforcement) to help us initiate a well-being check.    If you become concerned about your student’s safety and/or well-being, please use the resources below to access immediate mental health support for your student. If safety is an immediate concern, contact 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. 

Community Resources 

Please take a look at the following resources to support your student’s social/emotional well-being at home.  

Resources for Undocumented Families:


Other Resources

School Based Therapist

We are also very lucky to have a full-time School Based Therapist through Community Reach at our school.  Our therapist helps students in need with one-on-one counseling during the school day. If you have concerns that your child needs to meet with a School Based Therapist, please contact your counselor to fill out the appropriate paperwork. You can also learn more about Community Reach through their website