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8th Grade - Rain

Welcome Back to School! 

Rain Core Back to School Video Link- please watch this video for a message from your Rain Core teachers. 

Beginning of the Year Core Introductions and Expectations Link- this is a slide show we will be going over with students.  It introduces the teachers but also discusses a little about what our expectations will be each day.  Please go through with your student.  

Click on the individual teachers to get the links for where to report the first day or log directly into Schoology.  Please reach out if you have questions. 


Ms. Holmes - Science

Mr. Figurin - Language Arts

Mrs. Martin - American History

Mrs. Young - Math

Ms. Klein - Learning Specialist



For more information or to email a teacher, click on their picture to the left. 



Melissa Holmes Science
Rick Figurin Language Arts
Abbie Martin Social Studies
Shea Young Math
Kristy Klein Learning Specialist
Jessica Wulf Learning Specialist
Suzette Salazar ELD

Homework Calendar

8th Grade - Rain Classrooms

Mr. Figurin's Website

Subject: Language Arts
Welcome! Back to School info for 2020-2021 can be found here Click Here to get to Mr. Figurin's Homework/Classwork page! (Coming Soon) Student grades will be recorded based on the Adams 12 Standards-Based Grading Scale...

Ms. Holmes' Class

Science Header
Subject: Science
This is going to be a year of growing and learning! Are you ready?   I am thrilled to be starting school again even though it will look and feel so different.  If today is Thursday August 27th, steps of what you eed to do inorder to get to...

Mrs. Martin's Website

History Image
Subject: History
Welcome to your American History class!!  Please watch this expectation video for our core before you report to your third period class.   Rain Core Expectations To get into my class during your class period...

Mrs. Zoe's Website

Mrs. Zoe's 8th grade math class at Silver Hills
Subject: Math
Hi my amazing 8th graders! My official name is Juanjuan Zhu but I also go by "Mrs. Zoe" for easier communication. Born and raised in China, I got my BA and MA in linguistics with a few years of teaching experience at a college in Shanghai. In...