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April 20 - Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a restful weekend. A couple of points I would like to make today.

First, I tried to make class more interesting  by having you cook since that is why you all took this class. Many of you did not complete the assignment, many did. To those of you who did thank you and for the most part your repsonses were interesting. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, MANY OF YOU DID NOT INCLUDE PHOTOS, THAT IS HOW I CAN BE SURE YOU DID THE WORK, if that is you then I either need you to resubmit your responses or an email from your mom, dad, or whoever you cooked with saying you did. 

Second, if you do not submit or share your work with me, I cannot grade it or accurately take attendance. You need to submit your work as I will no longer go looking to see if you were present or did your work. From now on, any work not submitted will be entered as a missing assignment in IC until you submit to me. 

Lastly, if you are behind and work is entered as missing in IC, you can go back, finish the work, and submit for a grade. All assignments will remain open and accessible in Google Classroom.

    Have a great week!     Mr. Larson


Hello all, while these are trying times life must go on and we all need to do our best to make it as normal as possible. Remote learning is new to many of you and the transition while not easy is necessary. My job is to make this transition as easy as possible so you can all be successful in this class, as well as your other classes. Regardless of your grade or period you have Countries & Cultures you will be able to video conference with my about your classwork. While you will be able to access this line anytime, I will only be online and accessible the following times:

Office Hours/Contact Information

Monday-Friday from 11:00 am-1:00 pm

The link is provided in the Stream on Google Classroom


You can reach me it by email, just click on my address:  

I will check my email throughout the day but will not be checking it after 4:00 pm so if you email me after 4:00 do not expect a reply until the next morning. 

Remote Learning Attendance Policy

  • All core content and electives teachers will record weekly attendance in Infinite Campus.  

  • Attendance will be taken every Friday starting April 3, 2020.

  • Student attendance will  be accounted for by teachers gathering and keeping track of evidence/artifacts (writings, videos, worksheets, projects) that students complete aligned to expectations outlined by the teacher.  

  • Students must attempt the assigned task(s) to be considered ‘present’ during that week of remote learning.  

  • If a student is not ‘attending’ based on these parameters, the teacher or appropriate designee will contact the family to determine what adjustments or modifications might be needed to help the student engage successfully in the remote learning experience. 

Remote Learning Grading Policy

  • All core content and electives teachers will record weekly grades  in Infinite Campus.

  • Grades will be entered weekly starting the week of Friday, April 10, 2020.  

  • Weekly assignments due on Fridays will be graded and entered by the following Friday.

  • Student grades will be recorded based on teachers gathering and keeping track of evidence/artifacts (writings, videos, worksheets, projects) that students complete aligned to expectations outlined by the teacher.  

  • Teachers will post rubrics with assignments that clearly outline the grading expectations for that particular assignment.

  • The method of assessment, grading, and providing feedback to students is left to the discretion of common-course teams with guidance and approval from the administrator assigned to that grade level or department. 

  • Assignments will stay open after the deadline for grading and feedback, but attendance will not be changed.

  • Retakes and multiple assessments will be allowed.

  • Student grades will be recorded based on the Adams 12 Standards-Based Grading Scale:

    • 4 - Exceeds the Standard

    • 3 - Meets the Standard

    • 2 - Approaches the Standard

    • 1 - Does Not Meet the Standard

M -Missing

Last week (either March 24 or 25) I sent out an email inviting you to join Google Classroom. Please make sure you go back, check your email, and join your class.  All assignments, videos, links, Slides presentations, and emails will be assigned/available to you through Google Classroom. All classwork will be submitted, graded, and returned to you through Google Classroom.  

Any updates or changes will be posted on the Stream in Google Classroom as needed. Please check it throughout the week.  I am looking forward to what I hope is a very productive time during remote learning and hopefully we will be back at school soon enough. Again, any questions or concerns, my contact information is above. 

Good luck and see you online,

Mr. Larson