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Welcome to Thunder Core and 7th Grade Math

This year we will continue to be studying and growing the field of mathematics! This is an exciting year for students as they will be learning about negatives and positive numbers and how to calculate and solve them. This will be a great skill in the real world when you are talking about debt or a relationship between objects, direction, and much more. After finishing up with the student's last bit of arithmetic we dive into the world of math starting with algebra. Algebra is a great tool that students are introduced this year too on how to starting to think and analyzing situations when there is an unknown quantity. This reasoning skill is used for the rest of math, but even more importantly in life. Budgeting, planning, time management, organization, shopping, cooking are all are great uses of algebra in our everyday life. After wrapping up the basics for the year we will be looking at geometry, ratios, percents, and probability through the use and lens of algebra. Directly following that unit we will then start using what we know to start looking at the world through common relationships known as ratios. This will then directly lead to working with percents. Percents are of huge importance! We see them all the time in the news, on food ideas, taxes, interest, mortgages, debt, income, budgeting.  With geometry, there are 3 major areas that we learn; one, angles of lines, triangles, and quadrilaterals; two, circles; three, three-dimensional figures. At the end of the year, we get to take a nice break and unwind with some probability.