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Ms. Holmes' Class

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This is going to be a year of joy and learning! Are you ready?  

Science is an all-encompassing subject!  This year we will focus on what makes things move, where does energy comes from?  You see it every day but how did it get there?  We will explore our daily weather, forecasts, and the overall climate around us!  Then comes my favorite: SPACE!  We will discuss what is in the great beyond and how it got there!  

Of course, after the year we had, there may be some adjustments we all get to make as we get back into a routine of going to school five days a week.  But I will tell you all, I am stoked to see you all every day, in-person, for real!

Office Hours - Thursdays 4:15-4:45    You must let me know if you want to attend.  You will need a pass to get back to my classroom. 

Safety Contract - English

Safety Contract - Spanish

A Little Bit About Ms. Holmes-

I am proud to be a Colorado native and could not imagine living anywhere else; this is home!  I graduated with my Bachelors in Science from Colorado Christian University.  I have a passion for all things science but especially space!  I am blessed to teach students about the incredible life around us every day! I enjoy learning about ground-breaking science and watching rocket launches! I hope to be able to witness one in person really soon!

I also love to spend time with my family and our labrador retriever, Duke!  We spend our time cooking and baking and any other way we can all be together!  I am looking forward to a great new school year!