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Ms. Holmes' Class

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This is going to be a year of growing and learning! Are you ready?  

I am thrilled to be starting school again even though it will look and feel so different.  If today is Thursday August 27th, steps of what you eed to do inorder to get to class are below.  Today we are going to be getting started and we are being flexible!  For 3rd hour, we have 2 things we want you to do before coming into the meeting, however we don't expect you to do them ahead of our scheduled class time at 10:52. Today you are allowed to come into class after you have watched the video and filled out the survey.  I know this will make you "late" but its alright for today.  

1. Watch this video of us, your core teachers, to get started. (also at the bottom of the page if the link doesn't work)

2. Take this google forms survey to tell us a little bit about yourself!

3. Proceed to your third hour class.  The link for the google meet is in your schoology course.  You also may have recieved an invite from me in your email to the meeting.  

Here is a great video and presentation you can use that will show you step-by-step how to navigate into schoology.

Once in Schoology, the first item in your Science class is titled "Live Class Link". Click that to join the meeting! 

If you have done all of these things but still cannot find your class meeting link, email your 3rd hour teacher. 

I'm very excited to see everyone on our first day back! 

A Little Bit About Ms. Holmes-

Ms. Holmes is a Colorado native and could not imagine living anywhere else.  This is home!  She graduated from the district and loves the community of our schools and staff.  This is her second year teaching Science at Silver Hills.  She’s had a passion for science since high school and loves to share this passion with her students!  This summer has been particularly exciting for Space Science and Exploration (her absolute favorite science), with milestones being made toward putting humans on Mars!  Ms. Holmes can’t wait to meet her new students and share their passions with them as well!