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Mrs. Zhu's Website

Mrs. Zhu's 8th grade math class at Silver Hills

Hi my amazing 8th graders!

Welcome to my class! I am thrilled that we are going to have an amazing year together! This will be a year of tremendous learning and growth. I look forward to working in every possible way to grow and have fun together with you and make your 8th grade year a memorable one for you! 

Please find more details of our daily math class in Schoology.

2021-2022 Math 8 Syllabus

Classwork (CW) & Homework (HW) Page check: Mrs. Zhu Math 8 Rain Core 2021-2022

Back to School Night Parent Survey (English)- If you can, please fill out this survey for me so that I can know more about your child and help them the best I can to have a very successful year! 

Encuesta Para Padres (Spanish) 

A Little Bit About Mrs. Zhu (or Mrs. Z.)-

My official name is Juanjuan Zhu but I also go by "Zoe Zhu" for easier communication. Born and raised in China, I got my BA and MA in linguistics with a few years of teaching experience at a college in Shanghai. In 2008, I decided to pursue further education in the U.S.  Five years later, I graduated with a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Utah State University. Since math has always been my passion,  I started teaching 8th grade math from 2015.

My husband and I have two lovely kids, Logan and Julie. Currently living in Superior, we enjoy almost everything that Colorado has to offer! We love hiking, running, skiing, swimming, going on hut trips, and playing soccer. I personally also like baking and practicing Chinese calligraphy. It feels so good to be part of the Silver Hills family!