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Counseling Groups

We are currently partnering with North Metro Youth Options twice a week to provide a number of groups to our students. For Fall semester, we are offering the following groups:

  • 6th Grade Girl's Circle
  • 6th Grade Why Try
  • 7th Grade Girl's Circle
  • 7th Grade Why Try
  • 8th Grade Girl's Circle
  • 8th Grade Guy's Council
  • Individual Coaching

If you would like to learn more about North Metro Youth Options and the services they provide, please contact your students' counselor or visit their website

We are also going to be offering groups that will be coordinated and taught through the counselors at Silver Hills. We are in the process of having students complete a Student Need Assessment to find out what groups our current students need and would be interested in participating in. The link to the survey can be found under our Student Surveys tab at the top of this page.