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Newsletter from Mrs. Evans - November 17, 2019

Silver Hills Celebrations & Reminders
November 17th, 2019

Upcoming Events.

Sources of Strength Thankfulnees Campaign is next week.  Each day will represent a different strength that is proven to build resilency in people. 

Monday wear Blue to represent Healthy Activities

Tuesday wear Gray/Black to represent Generosity

Wednesday wear Green to represent Mentors

Thursday wear Yellow to represent Positive Friends

Friday wear Orange to represent Family Support

Adams 12 Orchestra Festival is tomorrow at Legacy HS.  The district wide performance will be at 3pm.
8th Grade Career Fair Field Trip is, Tuesday, Nov. 19th.  All 8th grade students will be attending the Career Fair hosted by Adams County.  Please take a few moments on Tuesday evening to talk to your kiddos about this experience and what they learned.

Thanksgiving Break will be Nov. 25th - Nov. 29th.  There will be NO SCHOOL for students or staff during this week.
Step It Up Fundraiser (Repeat) was a great success!  Thank you to all of the families that helped support thier kiddos and our school by getting kids signed up and making donations.  I am excited to announce that we raised $21,591 for our school!


General School Business
First Round of School Choice Opens Dec. 1st (Repeat)  and the Adams 12 School District has put together an article to address the choice process and deadlines. Choice Article English
Choice Article Spanish
Safety and Security


Progress Marks (Repeat) Students progress marks for Quarter 1 have been posted to Infinite Campus.  Please login to the parent portal on IC to view your student’s current progress marks.  These marks can be viewed by clicking on the Grading tab. You can also view them under reports - progress reports.  In an attempt to have more paperless communication, we will NOT be printing progress reports for students unless you request them through the main office. 
When to Worry About Grades (Repeat)  If, at this point in the school year, your student is earning 1s in any GRC in an ongoing class, we strongly encourage you to make contact with the teacher of that particular class.  If your student is earning some 2s at this point in the year, they are likely still on trajectory to reach proficiency by the end of the year, however, if evidence of progress toward that proficiency is not clear to you as we move further into the year, we again encourage your to contact your child's teacher(s).
Family Guide to Standards and Report Cards -- Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grade (Repeat)
The district has created this valuable resource to strengthening communication between school and home:  A Family’s Guide to Standards and Report Cards.  This guide provides parents and guardians with an overview of the learning expectations in grades 6-8, including a broad summary of specific grade-level standards and indicators used for determining progress within each content area.  Electronic copies of the Family Guides are available online in English and Spanish at:

Sources of Strength/Positive Action
Sources of Strength Thankfulness Campaign November 18th-22nd the peer leaders of Sources of Strength are sponsoring a Thankfulness Campaign.  During this week students will identify and reflect on what they are thankful for. Students will focus on Healthy Activities, Positive Friends, Mentors/Trusted Adults, Generosity and Family Support.  Throughout the week we will have fun activities for all students to participate in. In addition, we will collect gently used and new winter coats for our students and families in need. If you have a winter coat that you would like to donate, please bring it to the counseling office. 
Completing PAC Unit 1 (Repeat) Each grade level has just completed (or will be completing in the next week) Unit 1 of the Positive Action Curriculum.  This unit focuses on defining self-concept, why it is important and how to form it. Student spent time examining positive friends, mentors, positive actions in relationships and other healthy activities that build positive self concept.  The most important idea in these lessons and the mantra of the program is:  Positive Thoughts, Lead to Positive Actions, Lead to Positive Feelings - and there is a Positive Way to do EVERYTHING. This is a good reminder for everyone, and I wanted to be able to share common language that we are using at school to also be used at home.

Counseling Department

Community News
Operation Free Bird
Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

The Denver Mart (indoors)
451 E. 58th Ave.
Denver, CO

The Adams County Sheriff's Foundation and the business community will provide everything needed for a Thanksgiving meal. Multiple vendors will be at Operation FreeBird offering services for housing, finances, public safety, and health care. The focus of this event is to provide for the whole person in an effort to ease the stress of the holiday season for those in need.