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Newsletter from Mrs. Evans - January 10, 2021

Silver Hills Celebrations & Reminders
January 10th, 2021

Upcoming Events

No School for Students or Staff Monday, Jan. 18th in celebration of Martin Luther King Day.

Return to School for Hybrid Learners is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 25th.  If there are any adjustments that are required, this announcement will be made Jan. 15th.  When hybrid learners return they will attend class on Monday/Tuesday and learn from home on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday OR attend class on Thursday/Friday and learn from home Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. 
General School Business  

Congratulations to Our 8th Grade Students for Excellent Participation at the Career Fair in November all of our 8th grade students were invited to the virtual career fair.  Each of the presenters is asked to recognize excellence in students during their sessions, who asked great questions, were highly engaged, and went above and beyond during the presentation.  I am proud to share that 55 of our students were recognized by presenting companies for excellence. 9 of our students were recognized by two companies, and 4 of our students were recognized by three companies.  Silver Hills had the second most students recognized by businesses at the Career Fair!  Each student that was recognized will be receiving an award to recognize them individually, and I will share out names when we receive the awards from the Adams County Education Consortium.
Attendance Reminders Please remember how important it is to have your student at school and on time everyday in both the remote or hybrid environment.  Attendance is key to achievement, and we are committed to having our students learning everyday.  Our attendance goal for this year is to have a 93.5% attendance rate or better for the 2020-2021 school year.  Thank you for your support with this goal and having your students at school and on time everyday.
Adams 12 Choice Deadline is Jan. 31st for next fall.  For more information on the Adams 12 Choice procedure please Click Here.
Food Drive (Repeat) Thank you to everyone who made donations to our food drive!  We were able to provide over 41 holiday baskets to families in our direct community! 
Congratulations to the following Junior Thespians (Repeat) for receiving an Excellent rating at the Junior Thespian Conference: Jazzlyn Ruyball,  Sarah Jensen,  Lillian Dawson,  Anasele Gonzalez.  And, roll out the red carpet for the following students, who received a SUPERIOR rating, qualifying them for the National Conference:  Lillian Sergeeff,  Ella Garlinghouse 

We are so incredibly proud of your hard work, Junior Thespians!!!

Safety and Security

Winter MAPS Testing This month the window for Winter MAPS testing in Reading, Math and Science will be open and we will be testing between now and the end of February.  We use this data to evaluate student growth and make adjustments based on their needs.  One of our goals for our Unified Improvement Plan is to have 55% or more of our students making above average growth over the year.  We use MAPS testing as an interim check to see how much students have grown over the past several months, and to see if we are on track with our goal. 
First Semester Grade Marks (Repeat) are completed and updated in Infinite Campus.  You are able to view your students 1st Semester grade marks at this time.  If you have questions about your student’s progress, please contact your student’s teachers or grade level administrator when staff returns to school Monday, Jan. 4th.
INS Grade Mark (Repeat) If you student received and INS grade mark in any of their classes, this documentation clarifies the meaning of this grade mark and time extensions for completion of work.  INS Parent Letter English  INS Parent Letter Spanish

Sources of Strength/Positive Action

Counseling Department

Community News