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Silver Hills Celebrations & Reminders January 9th, 2021

Silver Hills Celebrations & Reminders
January 9th, 2021

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2nd Semester!  It is great to have all of the kids back in the building, and we are looking forward to our 2nd half of the year together!

Upcoming Events

International Towne All 7th grade students will be attending International Towne.  The Cyclone Core attended the field trip Tuesday, Jan. 11th.  The Lightning Core will be attending International Towne on Thursday, Jan. 14th, and the Thunder Core will be attending Friday, Jan. 15th.

Spelling Bee The Silver Hills Middle School  Spelling Bee Competition will be held Wednesday, January 12, 2022 in the LIBRARY at 5:00 PM. Please note the change in location. Spellers must arrive by 4:45 PM!! Due to Covid Restrictions and Guidelines, students are required to wear a mask at all times.  Sadly, parents will NOT be permitted to attend the Spelling Bee this year, but will be able to watch the Spelling Bee on a Google Link.

8th Grade Parent Volunteers Needed for our field trip to Finance Park from 9:30am-2:30pm in February.  Click Here for more information.  Ice Core is attending on Tuesday, Feb. 8th. Snow Core is attending on Thursday, Feb. 10th. Rain Core is attending on Friday, Feb. 11th.
General School Business 

Chromebook Basics Now that we are back in school, please remember the Chromebook basics!

  • Always keep your Chromebook in a case or in your backpack. 

  • Take your Chromebook home with you every night and charge it. 

  • The library does not loan out chargers. You will be charged $35 for a new charger. 

  • Be careful and watch where you are walking! Students trip over cords, step on Chromebooks, and drop Chromebooks on accident.

  • You should never walk with a Chromebook open. 

  • Keep all food and drink away from your Chromebook. 

  • Remember, this is a $250 device that is on loan to you - it is not yours. Please do not write on it or remove or add stickers.

No School for Students or Staff Monday, Jan. 17th in celebration of Martin Luther King Day.

Adams 12 Choice Deadline is Jan. 31st for next fall.  For more information on the Adams 12 Choice procedure please Click Here.


Winter MAPS Testing This month the window for Winter MAPS testing in Reading, Math and Science will be open and we will be testing between now and the end of January.  We use this data to evaluate student growth and make adjustments based on their needs.  One of our goals for our Unified Improvement Plan is to have 55% or more of our students making above average growth over the year.  We use MAPS testing as an interim check to see how much students have grown over the past several months, and to see if we are on track with our goal. 

First Semester Grade Marks are completed and updated in Infinite Campus.  You are able to view your students 1st Semester grade marks at this time.  If you have questions about your student’s progress, please contact your student’s teachers or grade level administrator. 

Community News

Free Community COVID Testing Here is a link to 150 Free Testing sites in Colorado, and here is a breakdown by each city.   The nearest testing sites for our community are at Water World, Front Range Community Center and Adams County Fairgrounds.