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Virtual Calming Rooms



In a virtual learning environment and during a global pandemic, it hs been challenging to find time, places, and spaces for us to calm down, relax, and center.  As counselors, we recognize the importance of having these sacred places and moments to ourselves where we can take some time to unwind, slow down, breathe, and relieve stress.  Below we have provided links for Virtual Calming Rooms that offer virtual escapes from the stressful world.  Listen to calming music, watch a calming scene, complete a puzzle, or allow yourself to be guided in a meditation or relaxation exercise.  Allow yourself to take a break and engage in mindfulness practices as well as other activities that help calm and soothe!  

Virtual Calming Room 1

Virtual Calming Room 2

Virtual Calming Room 3

Virtual Calming Room 4

Virtual Calming Room 5